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Care and Use

To keep your unique hand carved object beautiful and long lasting please keep in mind the following instructions:


We use two different types of eco-friendly oil depending on the product: Livos Oil or Teak Oil.

Teak Oil is squeezed from the nuts of the teak tree with no chemical modifiers added. It will evaporate over time and with exposure to UV. Your personal choice is to periodically oil the farmed Teak wood to maintain more of its browns and golden color, or to let it weather into the traditional grays you see in most teak furniture.

Livos is a safe natural oil that is petroleum and chemical free. We use two different types of Livos Oil for indoor and outdoor use
: Indoor Livos oils are water and saliva resistant; our particular indoor Livos is called Livos Walnut Oil.
 Our outdoor decking oils are more scuff and weather resistant and will hold up great outdoors. They have less sheen than our indoor oils and therefore slightly less vibrant. The color tones are Livos Oak and Livos Light Teak Oil.

As with any wood finish, the wood ages below the oils and will change color and appearance over time. This will be more evident if used outdoors.  To keep your carving looking vibrant, you can periodically oil the product. It’s better to oil periodically after coats thoroughly soak in, than to apply continuously.

For Teak products, Livos Oak, or Livos Light Teak Oils: Wash with warm soapy water, dry, and then apply oil. Use teak oil, Murphy Oil or a good high grade natural clear wood oil.

For Livos Walnut: Use Lemon Pledge or natural clear wood oil. Apply lightly, let dry, then buff with soft cloth. It is best to do very lightly with multiple coats over time.


We use two different kinds of eco-friendly wood: Monkey Pod wood and Teak wood.

Monkey Pod wood is not designed for outdoor use. It can be used on an outdoor deck that is covered and protected from the elements.

Teak items can be used outdoors. Over time, the oils will break down under ultra violet light and additional coats of oil will need to be periodically applied. If oil is not applied the objects will lose color and fade to gray. Items should be brought inside during the winter months to avoid the harsher elements that will age the wood prematurely.

Never allow the objects to be kept in standing water as no oil can take that over time. Outdoor furniture should be placed on stone or cement. If the bottom is in contact with wet ground it will develop rot eventually.

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